Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Who Does What?

Traemand Measures, plans, assembles and installs your IKEA kitchen cabinets.
IKEA Initial service scheduler, product supplier, product delivery.
Referral Partner A certified Traemand partner who plans, assembles and installs your IKEA kitchen cabinets in high volumes. Some Referral Partners also provide general contracting work like demolition, lighting and electrical. 
General Contractor Demolition, lighting, plumbing and electrical. 
Countertop Vendor Template, deliver and install countertop (IKEA quartz/acrylic).

Who Will I Work With at Traemand?

Measure Technician Performs in-home IKEA kitchen measurement service.
Virtual Planner Performs virtual IKEA kitchen planning appointment using the IKEA Home Planner tool. 
Sales Coordinator  Assists you in selecting preferred installation dates, sends agreement, and answers questions about the services Traemand provides. 
Dispatch Coordinator Schedules your installation and assigns the crew to your project. Answers pre-installation questions and supports after-installation customer care. 
Market Manager Oversees regional territory and all personnel. Manages after-installation customer care. 


Your credit card will be charged differently depending on what state you're in. Please contact your sales coordinator to find out what your payment schedule will be. Their contact information can be found on in your customer portal account. You can also review your signed installation agreement for this information.

Traemand's customer portal is your one-stop shop for the IKEA kitchen planning and installation service. You can be reminded of next steps in your project. See the scheduled service, view your plan and install documents and manage cases. Log in here!

If you purchased a kitchen planning appointment from IKEA and are experiencing problems with your plan, contact the planner assigned to your project. You can find this in your customer portal under “Services.” If you have problems with your plan and you purchased an Installation Price Quotation, please contact your local IKEA store.

Contact the Dispatch Coordinator for your market if you have questions about your installation, or if you feel there is a problem. We’ll do our best to answer your questions and get things back on track! Your Coordinator’s contact information can be found in your Traemand portal.

Yes. Contact our Accounting team at 720-214-4064 x 1336.

Planning Questions

As a valued customer, Traemand created the customer portal to ensure you stay informed during the entire process of the IKEA kitchen remodel. You can find the answers to most of the planning questions below by logging into your customer portal.

Call IKEA's appointment line (866-390-3144) at least 24 hours before your appointment to cancel or reschedule to receive a full refund.

Log in to the Customer Portal for this information. Click the "Services" tab. Your appointment information will be listed on that page.

If you booked a professional virtual planning appointmetn from IKEA, a Traemand planner will perform your service. Traemand planners are typically assigned to a job 3-5 days prior to your appointment. You can find the name and contact information for your planner on your Customer Portal under “Services.”

We want to make sure you love your new IKEA kitchen. Every dream kitchen starts with a great plan. The more we know about you and your vision prior to your appointment, the better your plan will be! This is where the IKEA Kitchen Planning Checklist comes into play! You can find it on your Dashboard in the customer portal. Be sure to fill this out as much as possible before your appointment.

Installation Questions

As a valued customer, Traemand created the customer portal to ensure you stay informed during the entire process of the IKEA kitchen remodel. You can find the answers to most of the planning questions below by logging into your customer portal.

You can find your installation dates and times by clicking on "Services" tab in your Customer Portal. Your installation service information will be listed on that page. You can then click "Detail" next to your service to see the professional who will be installing your dream kitchen!

Traemand mounts IKEA lights to IKEA cabinets. We also run the wires to the appropriate outlet. However, a professional electrician is responsible for prepping your electrical prior to our arrival and for connecting the lighting after we have finished installing your cabinets to ensure your lights are functional.

Most flooring (tiles, nail down, glue down, vinyl) can be installed before cabinets. All floating floors should be done after cabinets. Please consult your flooring expert for more information.

After you have your kitchen plans, your project will typically take 4-6 weeks to arrive at the installation phase. Traemand’s lead times often match the progression of your project. These lead times can fluctuate depending on IKEA’s kitchen sale schedule and holidays. Please contact your Sales Coordinator for first available install dates. Their contact information can be found in your Customer Portal or call us at (720) 214-4064!

Traemand offers an industry-leading five-year warranty on installation. If you have a warranty issue, you can email in pictures of your issue and the date of installation to your local IKEA. We’ll take it from there!

Contact your Dispatch Coordinator. Their contact information is in your Customer Portal.

Contact your Sales Coordinator! Their contact information is in your Customer Portal.

Typically our crews arrive between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. on the first day of your scheduled install.

We recommend that you remain on site during the duration of your cabinet installation. If that doesn’t work with your schedule, we need you there for the first 30-60 minutes to review expectations, paperwork, and to make sure we have the most up-to-date layout of your new IKEA kitchen! We’ll also need you on site for the last day of installation to do a walkthrough and sign off on the completion report.

Change notes are very common during the install process of a kitchen remodel. If there are any charges or credits due after install, the installers will have you sign off on a change note.

IKEA butcher block and laminate can be installed by Traemand during your scheduled install dates. IKEA acrylic and quartz can be installed by IKEA’s countertop vendor that specializes in these materials. You can buy acrylic and quartz countertops directly from IKEA, or any other countertop materials from a vendor of your choice. These vendors will work with you to schedule the measurements or “template” and installation. A template should be scheduled at least one day after your installation is complete. As an FYI, the lead time between templating and installation is typically two weeks.

Traemand sets its installation pricing based on the scope of work required, not timing.