Traemand Values: Why and Where We Use Them

In 2014, Traemand created nine value statements that encompass the work ethic, accountability, and customer service that our company seeks to live up to every day.  These nine statements are below.

  1. I respect that my workplace is someone’s home.
  2. Our customer’s project is an important accomplishment for them and for me.
  3. I create customers who are confident they made the right decision choosing Traemand.
  4. I take every opportunity to genuinely thank customers.
  5. I define service as taking pride in my craft, anticipating customer’s needs, and respecting people’s time.
  6. I take ownership of solving problems from start to finish.
  7. My actions inspire confidence and trust in those around me.
  8. I succeed because of the people around me and they succeed because of me.
  9. The decisions I make about my time and my work determine Traemand’s success.

We use these values every day, both in the office and in the field. The statements above reflect the way we feel about our craft, and how we want our customers to feel about the company they have invited to work in their home.

Traemand’s mission is to provide the service we want for ourselves and our families in the heart of our customer’s home. This mission is realized through our values.